The very first exhibition in our new purpose built museum is of Agriculture in Circular Head with items dating back to the 1840’s.  Agricultural pursuits have been the backbone of Circular Head from early settlement and continues to be vitally important today.

The display features a range of donated agricultural implements, articles and photos as well as two major items on loan.   Ritchie Wells, a local bullock team master has loaned the museum items used when working with bullock teams.  We also have a small grey Fergie tractor on loan which has been restored by its owner, John Van Norden.   These tractors were built between 1946 and 1956 and revolutionised agriculture due to their ease of use and 10 attachments allowing farmers to carry out a range of farming activities.   The display also features a 1928 reaper and binder that was used by the White family in Giddens Road for many years.

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